If we wrote a book for Creatives on doing business, it would read a little like this…

The awkward moment when you realise you’re a branding agency that lives and breathes branding, visual communication and engaging content, and yet your last post was nearly 2 years ago. Well, first of all, don’t judge us too harshly, we didn’t say we’re perfect, (we’re pretty darn good at what we do, at-least a mediocre 9.999 out of 10. Still, we have a way to go.

Anyway, we digress, over the last two years (of not blogging), we’ve definitely ‘learnt’ a great deal and instead of boring you with an essay of short tales about our peaks and troughs thus far, we’re going to break it down for you in a few points.

1) Patience and persistence are the ultimate power couple.
The amount of times we have been told ‘forget about it…’ ‘it’s not worth the effort… or ‘just move on…’ by people who first of all don’t even have a business, or by individuals who in the nicest possible way would be that person you invite to the dinner party out of guilt, then to top it off they sneak out with the last slice of cake that you slaved over for at-least 5 hours without even a thank you… don’t listen to them. All we can say is, if your heart is telling you to go for it, keep fighting and pushing. Our biggest and best projects have come from hard grafting and believing this will pay off.

2) Emotion can kick you in the behind
Move that cursor from the send button. Don’t do it. Please, don’t do it. Stop, take a deep breath, call a friend or get some fresh air. Making a move in the heat of the moment will surely come back to bite you. No matter how ‘used’ or ‘disappointed’ you may feel about a contractor, a supposed client or supplier. Trust us, you better compose yourself fast and try your hardest to find and remember the positives from the situation because believe it or not, there will be positives and once you find them, use it to your advantage.

3) Everything we do has value. We’re artists & creatives, so do it for you.
As cliche as it sounds, we are only as good as our last piece of work, so it’s imperative that we remind ourselves or go back to that moment where our passion was ignited, so no matter the situation, good or bad, when it’s all said and done, we can look back at our work, stand proud and say, ‘I did that, and that, that and that’ (regardless of whether the client paid or not).
At the end of the day, as creatives and visual artists, what we produce is what sells us, so we have to make it great!

4) Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in a position to be seen.
As an agency who have positioned themselves as brand strategists and designers, we are a team of visual geeks who love making things looks good and work better. As visual geeks we aren’t public speakers, we don’t go into offices and drop microphones like Obama. However through networking and our desire to grow our business, we’ve had to step up and put ourselves in places where we can engage and share ideas with people that 3 years ago when we started, we could only have imagined talking to. At the end of the day business is about people, and building relationships through conversations with those who share a similar goal. Once you’ve done that, you can drop the mic.

5) Doing and believing are two different things
As entrepreneurs, especially in our industry, we find it funny when people aren’t willing to share ideas, collaborate and work together to make something great. Recently, when talking with a copywriter testing the waters of freelance, we found it almost surreal when we found ourselves telling a skilled professional to charge us double for the work we were looking to outsource to her. If only someone did the same when we started. Sorry, but the days of doing ‘just a logo’ for £50 are long gone. Some of you may be thinking, ‘these guys are mad’ but as creatives who believe working with likeminded people with a similar set of values and beliefs are vital in business, it is necessary we behave and do what we say and believe. Like we said before, business is built on relationships so we have to act with integrity.

6) Support and appreciation is vital. Everyone needs a Rod Williams TSA.
If you haven’t watched the much talked about movie ‘Get Out’ you may struggle to grasp our reference to Rod Williams TSA, but to put it into context, over the past couple of years we have learnt not to under-estimate the need to surround ourselves with the right people who will have your back, even when you ignore their advice then come back with your tail between your legs.
At times, people will call you just to see if you’re struggling, sometimes people may only remember your number when it’s time to celebrate. Maybe months, even years later, we have finally realised over time that people come and go but whether it’s your business partner(s), your lovable (sometimes irritating) friend or relative who is brutally honest or your partner, it’s crucial we try our best to spend a little time away from the mess life brings to touch base and remind yourselves why you guys are a key part of each others lives and successes.

Obama out.

The Adinqra boys are back and blogging.
Creating brands for businesses is what we do and love.