Bringing to life a non-profit devoted to bringing individuals together that are seeking financial advice.

Case study.
The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG), a UK based non-profit organisation approached us to help take them on a successful rebranding process to ensure their values and the essence of what they do can effectively be reflected through their brand.
Based on the three core principles of MALG, we created a revitalised identity using geometric forms that not only represents the principles that are very much integral to the MALG business, but to also create a form that signifies a sense of heritage, prestige and a coming together. As a business that stand for, ‘working together to improve the lives of people in debt,’ our rebrand was very well received and the results can now be seen across all of their extended print and digital marketing collateral.

What we delivered.
Brand strategy
Market research
Brand development
Visual identity and logo creation