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A little bit about us

We make your thoughts visual and tangible

Based in London, Adinqra Digital is a branding and design agency specialising in brand development, strategy and design, for businesses operating across the UK and West Africa.

Behind the name

Inspired by our heritage, culture and tradition

Adinqra is a variant of the Akan word Adinkra. Adinkra symbols are used to convey a particular message or thought. As an agency founded by two Ghanaians born and raised in the UK, we understand the importance of culture and heritage in design and business.

Our approach

It's all about strategic thinking and intelligent design

Our agency believes that strategy, design and creativity can change perceptions, opinions and behaviour. Whether you are a start-up or an industry leader, employing creative and strategic thinking in your marketing efforts is what will set you apart.

What we do

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Our values illustrated

Our ideas and passion for design allows us to consistently build brands for businesses people believe in.


Change is inevitable and is fundamental for growth, so as people and technology evolve, so must we.


As a team of creatives, we make it our goal to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Our ever growing knowledge comes from our approach to tackle each new brief with a new pair of eyes.


We are committed to creating a culture that values and protects the relationships we foster.


We strive towards perfection, but we’re not God so excellence will have to do.


We love culture, this passion keeps us in touch with whats going on, and a step ahead of everyone else.

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